What is Social Media Automation?

What is Social Media Automation?

To define social media automation, we first need to define automation. According to dictionary.com, the definition of automation is “to install automatic procedures, as for manufacturing or servicing; follow or utilize the principles of automation “. So  that means with automation you are not doing much work, rather having machines, the computer, do the work for you. With social media automation it is letting computers do some of the work for you.


What tools can you use for social media automation?

Living in the twenty first century has brought us a time where almost any part of the social media process can be automated. These processes include, following and un-following, messaging and even creating posts.

The tool that is used for following and unfollowing is called CrowdFire. This works on two major networks, twitter and Instagram. You can use this app to let you follow people who fit in a key word or you can follow people who follow a certain person. You may be wondering why this is something you should care about. Well, usually when you follow someone they follow you back, so by using this app you can get many followers.

CrowdFire also has a feature where you can automate messaging. With this feature you can create customized messages, and then send them whenever someone follows you. This feature is really helpful if you want to initiate a conversation or make the follower aware of your services.

Another process you can automate is creating posts. This is probably the most advanced process to automate. The  site you use to create this effect is called If This Then That (IFTT). To use this service you must be at least a bit technical inclined than most people. To start you must create a recipe which allows one action or event trigger another. Some recipes we have seen are: when you post on your blog post it on social media, keep your profile picture in twitter and Facebook linked and much more. Someone could probably write a book or several on what you can do with IFTT so we encourage you to visit this blog post to see more recipes that can help you with social media.

No social media automation tool list can be complete without buffer. Buffer helps you with keeping track of posts. For example if you have five posts you want to share but at different times, buffer allows you to schedule the posts. One awesome feature with buffer is you can decide which platform you would like to post it on. When most social media platforms need several posts a day it is always good to use buffer to help you schedule those in advance.

The cons of use social media automation.

We talked about all the things that can come from automating your social media marketing, but what about the not so good things. Well as you might suspect there are some potentially bad outcomes that can happen from automating social media. These outcomes you have to watch out for include, being apathetic, posting too much and not thinking it through.

When having your social media on automatic it is sometimes easy to forget that your goal is to reach real people and convert them to customers. When you use the tools you post items that may not appeal to your target demographic or you may be finding many things to post but it gets to frequent and annoying. If these do happen the consequences can be severe, from an un-follow to a public comment about it.
The best thing to do is look at your analytics to see what people are liking the most and post updates more like those. When you do this always remember that there are people behind those numbers.

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