Don’t Procastinate On Social Media

What is a social media calendar?

A social media calendar is a tool that helps you organize your social media posting into a calendar and when you should post it.  Using the calendar can help you be more productive because you are no longer using precious time scrambling around to post on social media.

Take this example, you are getting ready for a meeting that is supposed to happen in thirty minutes and then you just remembered, you forgot to post on social media so you pull up a web browser and search for some content you can post. Sure this can be good but more than likely, it won’t be any good with only thirty minutes of preparation. Having a social media calendar will help you stay organized and know when and what to post.

The benefits of Facebook Pixel

As we said above, the best thing about a social media calendar is knowing when and what to post on social media. With a content calendar, you have up to two weeks of content planned. When you have a calendar, you can be working on next Wednesday’s content this Wednesday, so when next Wednesday comes all you have to do is click the post button or use one of the tools we mentioned in this  blog post.

One thing we keep talking about is how it helps with poor content quality. Let’s be honest, most people managing a page only posts when they feel like it or they just post infrequently. When a page’s audience sees this happening they lose trust or interest. With a content calendar, the page can have time to thoroughly research and post quality content.

Drawbacks of  social media calenars.

The use of social media calendars makes everybody’s lives better. Though there are many benefits you can reap from using calendars there are also a few negatives. The one major one is that you must also be aware of current events. For example, if you work for a cyber company and a cyber attack happens, this would be a great opportunity to do a post about your analysis. Chances are you didn’t have the attack in your calendar, so you wouldn’t have posted about it.


If you haven’t been using a social media content calendar,  you still have many mistakes waiting to happen. A social media calendar makes it easy for you to get your posts done without procrastinating. While a social media calendar is a great tool, it can become easy to forget that it only gets so far. While using a calendar make sure you supplement with real time events. To see what a calendar looks like: download our template here


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