Optimize your ads with Facebook Pixel

What is the facebook pixel

                The Facebook Pixel is similar to the google analytics platform in that it tracks the user of your website. Unlike google analytics, the Pixel allows you to integrate into Facebook, letting you have a better targeting system for Facebook ads.

                The main idea for the Facebook pixel is to help you understand the people who come to your website. The Pixel has options to help you track people along the various stages of the buying process. What this means is you can tell what person signed up through the lead generation form, you can also tell who bought items from your store. No matter what the website visitor does, you will be able to track them and create a lead out of them.

The benefits of Facebook Pixel

                As we said above, the best thing about the Facebook Pixel is being able to understand your audience. When a user visits your website they trigger the Pixel code allowing Facebook to track the user. When you want to create an ad on Facebook it becomes easier since you now know your audience.

                Probably the most valuable thing, is the Pixel allows you to track the user through each phase of the process. This allows you to know which customers are going through the whole buying process. For example if you have someone who just added something to their car but never bought it, you now know that. With this technology you can now know target your ads efficiently without wasting money.

                If there is something that is crucial to the buying process but the Pixel doesn’t track it, you can create a custom event. This allows you to now target that person who  got to the point but not past it. When you know what customer left off where, you can now put a very targeted ad towards them, making the final push.

The power of Facebook pixel and Google analytics.

                While both the Pixel and Google Analytics have their shortcomings, using them together can provide the most valuable insight. For example while the Pixel allows you to track the user through multiple devices it does not attribute the final sale to another platform like adwords. This is where Google analytics come into play. Google analytics will allow you to attribute it to the last paid click, but does not allow you to see the traffic through different devices.


                If you haven’t been using the pixel to optimize your ROI on social media ads, you are missing out. The Facebook Pixel allows you to target specific people with your social media ads, while being able to retarget those who have visited your website. While the Facebook Pixel is great, it isn’t without its shortcomings, which is why we suggest you use it with a platform like google analytics.

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