Why you should not Allow your Employees to bring their own device.


A Little Background


Many Employers have a wireless network for their employees to connect to. Most of the time these wireless networks are insecure and open, inviting hackers and criminals. On top of this your employees may have unknowingly downloaded malicious software.

Malicious software


First let’s define Malicious Software: Any program that was designed with the specific intent to harm the user or computer. Malicious software includes Viruses, Worms, Trojans and much more. Malicious Software can be downloaded in a variety of ways, through websites, Documents, and other innocent-looking programs and files. These programs if not treated properly, can spread like wildfire.


Since the spread of Malicious software takes place rapidly, it only takes one employee’s computer to infect the whole network. Imagine this scenario, your employee has a laptop at home that they use to browse the web,check their email and play games. One day he gets an email from who he thinks is their friend, in the email it says to download this game the employee might like. The employee thinking “What is the worst thing that could possibly happen? After all he is my friend, ” downloads and runs the game. Not aware of the situation, the employee continues to play the game, while in the background it downloads a very nasty Trojan.


The next day your employee brings their laptop to work, using it during their free time. He waits until his first break, when he sets up his computer and connects to the wireless network that you set up so graciously for your employees’ workstations. At this instant the trojan is released from the computer and travels around your network, infecting computers rapidly. A few days later you come into your company to find that all your computers have been locked with ransomware, Costing your company thousands or millions of dollars to clean up the mess and chaos left behind.


How do you prevent this from happening?

Since this scenario revolves around a BYOD (Bring your own device) Policy, we will be looking at how to avoid malicious software through these policies.


The best way to avoid this disaster is to not allow any of the employees to bring their devices and connect it to your network. To implement this, do not offer a open or even a secured wireless access point to your employees. If an employee needs to use a laptop at work provide a work laptop and secure it to prevent the user from accidentally getting a Trojan.


If you really want to set up a wireless access point, then set it up as an external, isolated network. Setting up a separated network prohibits the employee from entering the internal network. This stops most Malicious attacks from spreading because it has no access to the network. Although this does stop most attacks there are some malicious programs that can and do find ways around this, but every step is a step closer to a secure network.

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