Securing your Company part 2

What is social engineering?

According to, the definition of social engineering is” the use of deception and manipulation to obtain confidential information.”

The use of Social Engineering can take many forms. It can range from someone pretending to be in the IT department worker or it can be the friend on Facebook. The social engineer’s goal can be the passwords of employees or as server as company secrets. Therefore, you must be careful when handing out personal information.

The consequences of social engineering.

A social engineer can easily do millions of dollars of damage to an organization. They can get one of your employees to plug in a malicious thumb drive or they can get into a secure area. Whatever it is the attacker can easily manipulate to get access.

How is social engineering done?

Many times, the attacker takes on an identity that people trust. It can be vague or it can be a specific person, for example, the attacker can pretend to be the manager of a T-Mobile location and call a neighboring location and ask for a free phone for a customer. This would be the attacker taking on a specific identity (the manager). Now someone people trust could be as simple as the bank scam, where the criminal calls their victim and asks for the bank account number and social security number. While the attacker didn’t impersonate a specific person, they impersonated someone we trust (a bank teller)

What can be done?

Social engineering can be easily prevented with a few steps. The most crucial part of preventing social engineering is creating strong, long lasting policies. This can sometimes be hard because you might have a hard time deciding what creates a strong policy. The best way to create a rock-solid policy is hire a team like us to create policies that work and stand throughout time. We create it so it manages all aspects of potential attacks.


All though social engineering is a complex topic the attacks use the same basic psychology where polices can put a stop to it. There is a reason why people are the weakest link in the security chain.  If you have any questions on social engineering or how to implement policies, please use the comment form below.

Securing your company.

A little background

                This is a new series where we will guide you in ways you can secure your company. With many businesses getting hacked it is essential that you take necessary steps to secure your company. If you follow this series and implement the steps in these articles it will help you prevent future cyber-attacks. While this series was made primarily for businesses,  some of these techniques you can use in your own personal life.

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What is Social Media Automation?

What is Social Media Automation?

To define social media automation, we first need to define automation. According to, the definition of automation is “to install automatic procedures, as for manufacturing or servicing; follow or utilize the principles of automation “. So  that means with automation you are not doing much work, rather having machines, the computer, do the work for you. With social media automation it is letting computers do some of the work for you.
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How to prevent hackers from Getting into your Account


A Little Background:


Has anyone seen the news lately? There are many cyber attacks that are making headlines these days. There was a cyber attack that just resurfaced recently. This cyber attack was against a social media platform with a predicted 63 million accounts breached. If you have been thinking it was Tumblr you are correct.

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