Embracing Your Brand like Wendy’s

Unless you have been living under a rock then you probably have heard about @wendys “controversial” tweets. You can see through these tweets that they really embody their brand voice.

 What’s so special

    Wendy’s did something extraordinary. They made sure their brand popped out. They started talking smack about their competitors but also engaged with their customers like never before. Because of this they had renewed fame that put them in the spotlight of major news outlets.

If there is one lesson we can learn it is to be out of the ordinary but also make sure to engage with your customers.

Here are some of our favorite tweets



How can you Embody your voice.

Although we wish we could tell you that you can just copy @wendys, it isn’t that easy. We’re certainly positive that Wendy’s took months trying to find out what worked for their brand while also finding what their customers engaged with. For you to find your company’s voice, you must try different styles that connect with your audience, by testing, testing and yet more testing. But above all do not loose sight or focus of your company’s mission statement and values while trying to find a way to embody your brand but also connect with your customers.

Why You Should be Paying More Attention to Porn.


Yes you read the title right, we are going to talk about PornHub and its marketing effort. Pornhub has had many marketing campaigns which most, surprisingly, are safe for work.


What is PornHub?

If you don’t know what Pornhub is or are pretending you don’t know, it’s like the google of adult content. With almost 92 billion video views and 64 million daily visits PornHub is the leading company for adult entertainment.

Now you may be wondering why are the leading site in the industry. Although there are many competitors in the space, we should look at the marketing efforts as indication. Pornhub as a provider of a mostly taboo topic has found ways to get in front of the public’s eye.

Sex in space

In 2015, Pornhub announced a fundraising initiative to get a scene shot in space. With a goal of $3.4 million dollars we saw the seriousness of the mission. In the end, the raised approximately $236,000 dollars. With many big donations coming from companies.

Although the campaign did not get fully funded, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a success. The original vimeo video had 2.7 million views, which is free publicity to over two million people with many more talking about the stunt.

Lesson to be learned: While PornHub never actually did it, they were a pioneer in the space. Because of this they were able to generate a lot of buzz. And since it wasn’t NSFW, many news outlets also took up the story.

Charity giving

Yes PornHub gives to charities and not necessarily charities you’d expect. When PornHub  does a charity event the put a twist on it. Like “Give America Wood”, or “Save the Boobs” campaigns the names can be ambiguous.

With the “Give America Wood” Campaign they planted trees for videos watched, while with “Save the Boobs”, they Gave money to fund breast cancer research. Not only were they able to donate money to good causes they were also able to generate publicity.

Lesson Learned: Don’t always be after the money, give back to your community.


How do you market an NSFW while being SFW? Use twitter! Well, that’s what pornhub does, and its famous for it.  From tweeting to celebrities to the regular joe they interact with all their fans. Here are some of our favorites

Here we can see that pornhub steps up to plow boston:

Making use of an adult reference:

Even PornHub Celebrates International Women’s day:

To see more of their tweets visit them here: https://twitter.com/pornhub

Lesson Learned: Everybody can use twitter, sometimes you have to think outside the box.


While porn is taboo in most social circles, PornHub has been shedding light on it in many interesting ways. They have a creative marketing team to create hilourous and touching campaigns. If there is one thing to be extracted from PornHub’s Marketing effort it is that you must think outside of the box.

Securing your company.

A little background

                This is a new series where we will guide you in ways you can secure your company. With many businesses getting hacked it is essential that you take necessary steps to secure your company. If you follow this series and implement the steps in these articles it will help you prevent future cyber-attacks. While this series was made primarily for businesses,  some of these techniques you can use in your own personal life.

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What is Social Media Automation?

What is Social Media Automation?

To define social media automation, we first need to define automation. According to dictionary.com, the definition of automation is “to install automatic procedures, as for manufacturing or servicing; follow or utilize the principles of automation “. So  that means with automation you are not doing much work, rather having machines, the computer, do the work for you. With social media automation it is letting computers do some of the work for you.
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How to prevent hackers from Getting into your Account


A Little Background:


Has anyone seen the news lately? There are many cyber attacks that are making headlines these days. There was a cyber attack that just resurfaced recently. This cyber attack was against a social media platform with a predicted 63 million accounts breached. If you have been thinking it was Tumblr you are correct.

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